Frankly Speaking: Halo 4

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The Reclaimer returns in this epic sequel to Halo 3. Master Chief is back with new armor, new weapons, and new enemies to face. The awesome multiplayer, now called War Games, is also back.

Some of the great things about this game are the story is very immersive. The player can really get into it. It is also extremely entertaining. I had a blast going through all the Covenant and the Prometheans. It aslo never fails to show the beauty of the Halo Universe, even as everything is blowing to kingdom-come.

Another awesome thing about Halo 4 is the multiplayer. 343 Industries has added a ton of new things that make the multiplayer much faster paced which isn’t a bad thing. Sprinting is now a permanent feature, letting people actually run from battle to battle instead of the normal have-to-walk-everywhere type of Halo everyone was used to.

The new weapons that Halo has added are epic. The new ‘Rail Gun’ has extremely explosive rounds that are really cool to fire at people and then see the opposite team member explode.

Some of the downsides of this game are that the new Promethean Knights that teleport away are extremely annoying. Also, the amount of Promethean Crawlers that spawn in can be very overwhelming to one lone Spartan. Other than those to things, there really isn’t anything wrong with Halo 4.

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Overall, Halo 4 is one of the most amazing game that I have ever played. It has great graphics, amazing story, and so far, the best multiplayer the series has offered. This game has very few bad things to be said about it.

So I give Halo 4 five out of five stars.


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