Boys Wrestle Churchill

The wrestling team fought hard but came up short against Churchill last night in the gym.

MacArthur struggled to gain points against Churchill.

Both sides showcased a few pins but the majority of Churchill’s victory was led by takedown and penalty points.

Under their first year coach, Mr. Thomas Keresztury, the team has made many routine and practice changes but are still satisfied with the program he runs.

“No coach will ever out do the McHughs, but this guy is still pretty impressive,” senior Emilio Delao said.

For seniors, this was their last home match, which may have lead to more commitment. Senior Aaron Catlin ran six miles a day in order to drop a weight class in one week, since Churchill did not have any competition in his initial weight class.

“I’m not sad because this was my last home match, its a relief knowing I don’t have to drop anymore weight,” Catlin said.

With their season nearing the end, the team will wrestle Corpus Christi Carroll next week and move onto the district tournamnent  Feb. 1 and 2


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