Preseason Preparation- Girls Softball Preview

Softball Team Practicing During 8th Period
Photo by Jacob Dukes


Softball Team Practices for Regular Season

   As spring approaches, the softball team begins to work in preparation towards their 2013 sports season.

   The girls practice each day during 8th period to condition themselves as well as devoting their time after school. The softball team is looking to improve their skills as well as grow together as a team. This year’s team is very dedicated to being successful and making this season memorable.

   “For me, if we made district champs then I’d say it was successful,” Sydney Paredes (12) said.

   Kylar Ward-Flowers (11) has big dreams for this years squad. She expects them to improve and accomplish high goals on the year.

   “I am expecting the team to do better at batting,” she said. “We have higher expectations of making the playoffs this year.”

   Looking at the veteran players really helps young softball players learn new skills and advance their athletic abilities. First and second year players are able to look up to those who have been playing for a while and see what they can do to benefit themselves.

   “The preseason preps me for the future and reminds me of the techniques that I need to keep working on,” Chelsie Eaton (9) said.

   This preseason will prepare the players for whats to come in the regular season. After this, they will be ready to compete for a championship.

   “We definitely get more in shape with conditioning and everything and then play a lot of games for us to prepare and know what to expect during district games,” Paredes said.

    The softball team will play an exhibition game against the Faculty Thur. Jan. 24 at 4:30. The first game of the season will take place Feb. 12 at the North East Softball Field-East against McCullum HS.   JV: 5:00 Varsity: 7:00

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