Students Versus CVS

Photo by Jessica Snyder

The associates at the CVS near the school require the students to put their backpacks in the front of the store as a method of theft prevention. This is unacceptable.

I understand they have to protect their store from thieves, but while my backpack is in the front of the store, who is watching my stuff? I could get jacked just like the CVS. By the way, most people who steal from stores that have cameras are really good at it and don’t need a backpack.

Plus, I don’t see them asking any adults to put their purses up front. What about all the thieving adults that come to CVS? They just assume that it’s always the students. While they are so busy focusing on what we’re doing, the adults can go in and steal without being noticed at all. It’s unfair for them to discriminate against the students and say ” If you look like a student then you’re a thief and you need to put your bag up front.” 

I’m not saying all students are little angels that abide by the law, but not all of them steal either, and adults steal as much as teens. How old someone is shouldn’t determine who has to put their bags up front. If CVS uses this method of loss prevention, it should be equal. Everyone should leave their bags behind the counter. That way students aren’t the only suspected shoplifters and the bags are in a more secure location.

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