Boys Soccer Runs Over Brennan

The boys soccer team dominated Brennan High School last Tuesday at Blossom Athletic Center. After a cold and windy game, the boys came out on top 4-0.

Elliot Clark (12) taking a shot from far away. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa.

“It was nice to win big,” Senior David Garcia said.

The boys kept a slow pace, only scoring one goal in the first half and continued to pile on the points in the second half. Sophomore Zengwei Tong independently scored a header after the goalie rebounded his shot. Junior Rudy Tapia sent a second half goal by sending the ball in between three defenders and into the corner of the goal.

“Most of the goals came from our ability to pass the ball and their lack of defensive pressure,” Senior Mikey Castillo said.

Rudy Tapia (11) taking a shot. Photo by Daniel de la Rosa.

Although Brennan had a few close calls while trying to score, they had significantly less shots on goal and made the game more one sided.

“It’s not that we have more talent this year, Niko has always had amazing footwork and Zengwei has always been aggressive,” senior midfielder Elliot Clark said. “We simply have improved through teamwork, we all know each others style and how to execute team plays.”

With a mixed record of wins and losses and only one game remaining until district play, the boys have some work cut out for them.

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