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Unlike many zombie movies, Warm Bodies is a movie about one particular zombie. This movie, directed by Jonathan Levine, came out out Feb. 1 and was an amazing movie with almost nothing wrong with it. From the acting, special effects, and even the zombies, it was all done extremely well.

Warm Bodies is the story of one “weird” zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) who saves a survivor of the zombie apocalypse Julie (Teresa Palmer) and he falls in love with her. This sparks a change in R that starts to make him human again. After seeing a human-zombie friendship, it starts the same spark in all of the other zombies. And the ‘bonies’ (zombies that will eat anything with a heartbeat) don’t like this.

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This extremely far out there take on Romeo and Juliet, and yes it is a modern zombie version of  ye olde Shakespearian work, was very well done. This is also a zombie movie that takes a whole other side of the zombie apocalypse; the side of a zombie. Now this was very well done because it wasn’t just the whole movie following a mindless zombie that does nothing but grunt, moan, and eat survivors. Also, this is one of the only, if not the only, zombie movies where the zombies actually eat brains.

One thing that was extremely well done was the acting. Nicolas Hoult had to groan, move slowly, and only gradually start talking while sounding like it was very difficult to talk. It wasn’t just him though. All of the zombies had to do that and those actors and actresses should be commended for that. Also, the story was good. Taking the view point of a zombie instead of the survivor must have been a  challenge. But, never the less, it was done extraordinarily well. And taking a story that most people only read in English class and transforming it to a modern day zombie movie would have been really hard.

In all honesty, the only thing that could have been done a little better was the apperance of the bonies. They looked like burnt corpses instead of zombies with no skin.

Overall, Warm Bodies is a more than an excellent movie because of its great acting, effects, and story. This is a movie to go see. And it is also an excellent date movie, so bring your sweetheart. This movie has more than earned five stars.


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