Semester Goodbyes

Art by Mari Amos.

With the first semester long gone, there seems to be a never ending amount of pressure on seniors. Graduation, college and the constant worry of just finishing out the rest of this year strong.

Several seniors have different views about the rest of this year and what is to come in the future.

“I dont think there’s as much pressure this semester as there has been the last seven,” Ryan Huizar said. “I feel that I have everything set for the future.”

Huizar’s future should be something different and new to look forward to.

“I’m going to the University of Texas at Austin next year,” Huizar said. “I’m majoring in biochemistry and I’m doing a pre-med track.”

However, Kyle Argueta has different feelings.

“I’m going to Texas A&M College Station,” Argueta said. “I’m both [excited and nervous]. I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life but I’m also nervous because it’s scary to make new friends and to have a completely different environment rather than your home in San Antonio.”

For Gilbert Mungia, going to college doesn’t phase him.

“Im not that nervous because I’m just going for a basic business degree in college,” Mungia said. “To me it doesn’t matter [what college] as long as I get my degree, but [I’m considering] either SAC or UTSA.

Finally getting to leave high school seems to bring mixed feelings.

“I’m way excited to leave high school,” Huizar said. “I’ve been here for way too long.”

For others, graduating means having more responsibility.

“I’m excited to leave this school but I’m also nervous,” Mungia said. “I have to leave my house which means I have to work too.”

Argueta is ecstatic to bring his sense of fashion to graduation and start a new life.

“I’m counting down the weeks [to graduation],” Argueta said. “I’m excited for what I’m gonna wear, I wanna look really snazzy and nice, I just don’t want to trip. But I’m going to miss mac. I’ve been here for 4 years and it’s kind of sad.”

Regardless of what is to come in the future for all seniors, there is no doubt they all have a bright life ahead of them to look forward to.


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