10 Reasons Why the Spurs are the Best Team

For the San Antonio Spurs it’s the same old story every season, they’re criticized for being too old, too slow or not athletic enough. You name it and some repetitive reporter or analysis has thrown them under the bus. But in reality, this is a team people should not be overlooking. In fact, this is a team people should be paying the most attention to. Here the top 10 reasons why the Spurs are the best team in the NBA. And why other teams should fear them.

1. Going into the all-star break, they not only lead the Southwest division and Western conference with the best record of 43-12, but also the whole NBA. The only team that is even relatively close to them is the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Spurs still have a 3.5 game lead on them.

2. The Spurs are nearly unstoppable at home with a record of 22-2, which is the best home record in the NBA.

3. The Spurs had a total of 4 players participating in all-star festivities plus their coaching staff.

4. They have played more games than any other team on the road at 31. Even with that they have still managed to have the best record and win when not in a familiar surrounding. That will be crucial come playoff time.

5. The Spurs have a 7.5 game lead on the Memphis Grizzlies for the Southwest division, which mens the Grizzlies are not even close to taking the number 1 spot in the division anytime soon.

6. The Spurs have one of the strongest benches in the league and have started 8 different players in the last 9 games.

7. They’re shooting 48.7% from the floor. That’s nearly half of the shots they take, which is a very strong number.

8. The Spurs have been playing defense on another level throughout the course of the season. They have 480 steals in the season so far, which is second in the league only behind the Los Angeles Clippers. They also have 250 blocks.

9. They’re shooting 38.3% from behind the arc, which can be crucial in those close games and when it comes playoff time.

10. The majority of the games they have played have been with at least one or more players injured or inactive. That just proves that they can rely on most any player to get the job done on any given night if needed.



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