AWOLNATION Ticket Giveaway will be giving away two tickets to the new hit band AWOLNATION (a-wall-nation), known for the mega hit song “Sail”, to an upcoming concert on March 9 at the White Rabbit.

AWOLNATION’s debut album, Megalithic Symphony, has been on the Billboard Top Charts for over 92 weeks with digital sales of their smash hit “Sail” hitting nearly two million in digital sales. They have had three Top 10 songs and a growing international fan base. AWOLNATION is compared to the music of growing bands such as Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, Fun. and Passion Pit.

This is the band to see, and here’s how you score free tickets to go see them over spring break.

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Tweet us a story to cover at @brahmatales with, include the hashtag #brahmanews4AWOL, and tell us why we should cover it. When we cover your event or idea, then we will enter your name into a drawing. You can tell us to cover anything from the upcoming sports game or review an arts show. If you think people need to know about it, tell us.

Painless and simple, you can win free tickets to the new ALOWNATION concert.

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Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Brahmanews.

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