Girls Softball: In Full Force

Photo by Jessica Snyder.

The softball season is rumbling into action.

Having played a few schools already, the team works on their play and gets a better feel of what they’re made of.

“At the beginning we had our jitters and we got rid of them,” Vanessa Reyes (12) said.

With a mixture of different grades, the girls combine their talents to see how well they come together.

“We’ve gotten better with really good team chemistry,” Sydney Paredes (12) said

The team has grown with each other over the past several months and has learned how to play together and bring out the best in each others skills.

“We’re a unit that gets along together, we pick each other up when we get down and we learn from our mistakes,” Vanessa Reyes (12) said.

The girls have high hopes to make the playoffs down the road.

“We have a shot of getting into playoffs, if we just beat the teams we have to beat, then we’ll make it,” Paredes said.

With all of the preparation the team undergoes, they are prepared for the games to come. For more information on the teams schedule click here.


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