The Mall’s Fall: Prices Stay While Quality Leaves


Photo by: Mari Amos

It’s a few days before your birthday, and you decide to go to the mall for something to wear. Right when you walk in to your favorite store, you see it; the dress that was made for you! You try it on and it’s a perfect fit, so you buy it and head home. Your birthday rolls around and you get out the dress to put it on. When you start to zip it up, the zipper suddenly breaks and your dress rips.

This is an example of the horrible trend happening at the mall. Money is snatched from consumers’ hands for no-good, low quality clothing. This is disgraceful. 

It’s About Respect

If consumers spend the time to shop and spend money at your store, why not respect them enough to produce something they can actually use? People work hard to earn the money they have and shouldn’t have to settle for a company’s second best. The products should be of good quality and professional looking, not ragged and unfinished.

It Doesn’t Save Them Money 

A lot of companies lower product quality to cut corners and generate more profit, but the truth is, it actually hurts them in the long run. Think about it: If lower quality materials are used to make the clothes, they are not  able to last while they’re in the stores and dozens of people are trying the clothes on. They rip and tear then go on clearance for a dirt cheap price because no one wants to pay full price for ripped clothes. The customers will see the lack of quality and professionalism and shop somewhere that actually takes pride in their company and what they produce.

The Bottom Line 

Stores need to take pride in their work and give consumers what they deserve for the price, or lower the cost to what the clothes are actually worth. Instead of trying to lower quality to save money, they should make clothes that they themselves would wear. Customers will see their quality and be happy to shop there. An increase in consumer demand generates more profit. Giving customers what they want, good quality for a great price, will increase demand, helping the businesses to reach their ultimate goal: more profit.


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