Lets Rodeo San Antonio: The Band Perry Review

Lets Rodeo San Antonio!

This famous line spreads through out all of Texas every February at the AT&T Center. As a southern belle, I crave the festival,  I went  Feb. 20 to see The Band Perry,  one of my favorite bands.

The concert was very exciting; even though I was high up in the stands, the building was so large I could hear everything well enough.

The concert was a night event, but I was able to watch bull riders and eat great food.

Once The Band Perry stepped on stage, the crowd went crazy.

The Band Perry preformed well, but  they didn’t sing their songs exclusively, they preformed different pop songs like We Are Young by Fun.

Whether it be for a concert, event, rides, or trying all the delicious food, there is something for everyone.

Bull Rider
Photo by Megan Howell
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