Around the Bullhorn: Athlete of the Week- Brittany Patmor

Patmor showing hard at work on the mound.
Photo by Erin Schroeder.

Brittany Patmor (10) is in her second year as a pitcher on varsity softball. She strives on and off the filed to be the best player and student she can be.

She was chosen as this weeks Around the Bullhorn athlete of the week.

BN: How hard is it to balance being an athlete and having to keep up with school work as well?

Patmor: I mean it’s hard but I find time for both. I usually save my homework for the weekends.

BN: How long have you been playing softball for?

Patmor: I’ve been playing softball for 7 years.

BN: What interested you in the sport?

Patmor: I got started at McAllister park and I have two role models that I look up to. They are Cat Osterman and Jennie Finch.

BN: What is your favorite thing about softball?

Patmor: I like that it takes a team to win and it takes a lot of effort and time.

BN: What sets you aside from all of the other softball players?

Patmor: Not saying I’m better than any other players, but I put more effort into it. I’m out there practicing and pitching before the season even starts.

BN: Do you play any other sports?

Patmor: I did cross country this year as well.

BN: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of school and besides softball?

Patmor: Well, softball is basically my life. But when I’m not playing I like to hang out with my friends and when I’m with them I don’t like to talk about softball.


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