In the Face of Death: Shattered Dreams

The blood of Blake Johnson and Carlos Ochoa splattered across the cement as Lexy Haynes’ body lay lifeless next to the shattered remains of the rear window.

Drunk driver Kaci Alvarez had just landed two students in the ICU while Lexy lost her life to the senseless act.

Lexy Haynes photo by Brittany Trub

Good thing the accident was just an act. Shattered Dreams took place on February 28th and March 1st, using students who attended the general meeting last November to reenact an accident scene. The role playing of the seniors was in effort to visualize to the high school audience the real violence and danger of drunk driving and texting and driving.

Seniors Ochoa, Johnson, Haynes and Alvarez were all involved in the actual accident, while a group of twenty other seniors mysteriously “died” in the middle of second period on Thursday. All of the students spent Thursday night at an overnight retreat, where they listened to a speech from an alcohol counselor and wrote pledges to their parents to never drink and drive.

Carlos Ochoa and Blake Johnson were both ripped out of the cars with saws brought by the fire department. A helicopter landed on the baseball field to airlift Ochoa to the nearest hospital, as a neck brace was set on Blake to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Kaci had to identify Lexy’s body and the crime she committed. Drunk driving that results in a death is called intoxicated manslaughter, punishable by life in prison.

Kaci had to identify Lexy’s body and later taken to jail to be processed and stay in her own cell.

Police Chief William McManus spoke to the crowd of onlookers, asserting the consequences of driving irresponsibly and under the influence.

“You may not care what happens to you”, McManus said.” But think of your parents. When I come and knock on their door and say, ‘Are you ____’s parents? He/She has just been involved in a drinking and driving accident.’ It’s even worse when you’re not in the hospital, but your body is on the way to the funeral home. And if you really don’t care about if you live or die, remember the people you crashed into. Mothers, fathers, other teenagers with families are all at risk when there’s an intoxicated driver on the road.

Lexy Haynes paid the ultimate price for the irresponsibility of drunk driving by Kaci. Her funeral was held on March 1st in the auditorium, where a real casket was center stage supposedly holding Lexy’s body inside. A eulogy given by her father, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Haynes; the portrayal of a funeral showed the emotional damage that drinking and driving has on relatives and close friends.

“Lexy’s smile, stunning eyes and determination are all qualities I will miss,” Lt. Col. Haynes said. “Anyone who knew her knows that she was a unique girl with dreams, and when she turned eighteen (December 20, 2012), she matured almost overnight. She knew what she needed to do in life, especially now that she would have lived with her older sister (Sam Haynes) in Austin. Lexy loved jumping on my bike and taking off with me; we planned a trip to ride our bikes together over spring break. I will never have that trip with her now.”

The end of Shattered Dreams left with the message that individuals are responsible for the effects of their actions and that we should all make the most of our time living responsibly.

Clearly alcohol and reckless driving were the cause of Lexy Haynes’ death photo by Brittany Trub

Shattered Dreams was organized in part by MacTeach sponsor and English IV GT/AP teacher Mr. Davidson along with Student Council members. Overall, the reenactment left some students crying when realizing the stupidity of drinking and driving, and some calling it a waste of time.

“I have one thing to say to the students who may not take this seriously; wait until you’re a parent and you get the call that your child has been in an accident,” Sheriff R. Martinez said.

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