Burn: Fox Run Fire

Smoke could be seen from the 2nd floor C wing window.
Photo by Sarah Morales

During seventh passing period, students whipped out their cell phones and crowded around windows to catch glimpse of the giant black cloud forming in the sky.

On March 18 building 15 of the Fox Run Apartments, across the street from the school, and a car parked outside the building caught fire because of a barbeque gone wrong.

“I called my dad and asked if I had a home to go to after school,” Jackson Ellis (11) said.

Few other buildings surrounding building 15 were affected, but not to the extent of the burnt down building, though the roads were still blocked and students had to find somewhere to go after the soft lock down Principal Pete Martinez enforced.

“I called my brother after school,” Tyre Wilson (11) said. “I knew [by how calm he was] nothing was wrong with our house, so I just told him I went to a friend’s house after school.”

PALS, AVID, Regency residents, StuCo and local churches are trying to gather food, clothes, blankets, pillows, gift cards, and other donations to help the victims of the fire because Fox Run Apartments have no accommodations for them.

“I helped out Tim at the church [next door to the apartments],” Ellis said. “We brought water and food and snacks and stuff. It felt really good to help out.”

More information on how and who is donating will follow as available.

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2 thoughts on “Burn: Fox Run Fire

  1. This fire was destructive and left about 5-6 families without a home. It was something that doesn’t happen often, but it is intrestin got see. I just hope that those residents got relocated to a better place.

  2. Apparently a ton of cats lived in that building, so now there are strays everywhere!

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