Awkward Returns

“Awkward” the teen T.V series on MTV is coming back for its third season on April, 16th at 10pm with back to back episodes.This creative comedy has enlightened many teens on what to do when a serious situation comes at hand.


The main character is Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) who is always asking herself the same daunting questions. “Who am I?” “Who do I want to be with?” and “Who do i want to be?” She is an inspiring blogger who never knows what to do.

She has two best friends and two “boyfriends” from witch she chooses from. Jenna also has a taunting enemy Sadie Saxton (Molly)

(Taylor)that tries anything and everything in her power to make Hamilton despise being with Matty the one she’s in ‘love’ with.


So all and all through out the episodes Jenna is just looking for her self.With a couple of bright outgoing side kicks, that help her through her high school years.Look forward to outrages drama and new characters.

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