Night Filled With Art

A woman, at the 2013 Night Gallery, looking at a piece of art. Photo taken by Kayla Gunn

Excited buzzing fills the Littleton Gym as individuals file in to marvel at the art created by students, ranging from Elementary to High school. Parents, relatives,and friends stand with jaws agape in amazement at the art that is proudly hung before them, and personally picked by their teachers. As they gaze at the students time-consuming works, their eyes travel to a small piece of paper holding a name, school, teacher, and the artwork’s title. Here on this pallid square the name MacArthur is represented proudly, spread variously across the gym clinging to elaborate pieces, and sitting on the beaming faces of the art students and teachers.

“I like the idea of my art being in contests and galleries because it tells me that other people enjoy my art,” art student Taylor Wilcox(11) said.

Wilcox had two pieces in the 2013 Night Gallery, one construed with water colors and the other a painted vase. She, like many others, enjoyed the diversity in the art displayed due to the ranging ages.

“It was very fun to see all the different artwork, especially the middle schooler’s because I think it’s cool when younger kids like art,” Wilcox said.

One of the many pieces chosen to be in the gallery from MacArthur. Photo Taken by Kayla Gunn

Wilcox herself was exposed to art at a young age, coming from a family, on her mother’s side, that loves art. She only recently joined an art class two years ago, although she has been creating for a long time.

“My grandma was an art teacher so she has been teaching me and painting with me since I was really little,” Wilcox said.

However, not all of MacArthur’s artists have only recently joined the art world in school. Some have been faithful to it as an elective they have kept throughout the years.

“I’ve been in art for five years in school,” AP art student Sara Kay(11) said.

Another piece of art from MacArthur hanging proudly for all to see. Photo taken by Kayla Gunn

Kay has aspired to be an artist even at a young age, learning as she went through the years the importance of personal style and creativity. She had 3 pieces in the show and enjoyed prizes, along with her class, that the gallery had to offer.

“Teachers hand out blue ribbon awards to some of the pieces they really enjoyed from the entire show,” Kay said, “Almost all of our class got a ribbon. Our teacher was really excited about that.”

As Wednesday, March 27th called for a closing of the two day Gallery, students went home with new inspiration from works of their fellow peers, and for some hope that art can remain a constant in their life, evens as they enter high school and the working world.

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