Around the Bullhorn: Athlete of the Week- Brigitte Evans

Art by Mari Amos

Brigitte Evans (12) is on the girls varsity soccer team and plays right defense.

She was chosen as this week’s Around the Bullhorn athlete of the week.

BN: What emotions do you have going into the playoff game vs New Braunfels Canyon?

BE: I’ve had a lot of nervousness throughout the day. Even now I’m shaking. I just want to win.

BN: What have you done as a team to prepare?

BE: We’ve worked really hard. We run a lot, we work out so we’re in shape. And we prepare mentally by staying focused and humble. We can’t get conceited.

BN: How does it feel knowing all of the team’s hard work has paid off?

BE: It feels good but it’s not over yet. We have a long way to go.

BN: How long have you been playing soccer?

BE: I actually started playing here at Mac my freshman year. I was on the JV team.

BN: Do you play any other sports?

BE: No I only play soccer.

BN: What is your favorite thing to do aside from playing soccer?

BE: I just spend time with my friends. All my best friends are actually on the team with me. So basically all we do is hang out together.

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