Boys Soccer Triumphs 4-2 in 2OT

The team celebrating with the Blue Crew after the game.
Photo by Jacob Dukes

 Crazy Night at Comalander 

   Screaming fans, foul-mouthed players, brawling teams and double overtime action were all featured at last night’s soccer game where boys soccer won 4-2 against the Marshall Rams.

   In what was projected to be a normal soccer game, turned into a profound Thursday night thriller.

   “These kids believe in themselves and they look each other in the eye and they play hard,” Coach Barranco said. “When they start believing in each other, which they do, they get after it.”

   The game began and Mac scored first with a goal by Zengwei Tong (10). Marshall struck back with back to back goals.

   “We’re a good soccer team and other teams are going to play us physical and we got to deal with it,” Barranco said. “It’s as simple as that; it’s tenacity.”

   With five minutes left in regulation, Zengwei Tong scored a goal to tie the game 2-2  sending it into overtime.

   “I think that I do everything for the team,” Tong said.

The player celebrating with Zengwei Tong after his goal before the end of regulation.
Photo by Jacob Dukes

   In the first overtime, the fans were roundy and anxious for a goal, but the first round of extra play ended scoreless.

   Going into the second over time, the stadium was electric with anticipation for one team to score. Finally, Caden Bleamaster (11) scored in the second minute giving Mac the lead. Later, Tong scored again off of a penalty kick in the fourth minute, giving him the hat trick (3 goals) on the night.

   “It was crazy. A win like that is great,” Parker Miller (10) said. “Scoring two goals in the second half of overtime was great.”

   Marshall’s team played tough. On the field, players were arguing, throwing elbows and a lot of unnecessary language was present.

   “We expected a physical game,” Barranco said. “They are a physical team and good soccer teams are going to play you physical.”

   At one point, a Marshall player yelled a foul taunt towards the Mac fan side. The Mac Blue Crew heard the statement and became offended, later booing at the player each time he came into sight.

   “I felt that it was really hilarious because he was standing at mid-field rather than actually scoring, and he came up acting like he scored,” Juan Zapata (12) said. “It kind of pumped us up because we’ve never had anybody shush us before.”

#20 from the Marshall team who was taunting the Blue Crew.
Photo by Jacob Dukes

   Although, the student section did show respect by not going overboard and losing control.

   “It’s funny because in the end we always show them how good of a student section we are,” Zapata said. “They always show respect towards our student section, but it’s just the heat of the moment.”

   At the end of game, Coach Barranco and the players came over to the student section to celebrate the hard fought win.

   “I think we have the best fans in the world,” Barranco said. “I tell them thank you for staying in that game. Who cares what the other team did, we won.”

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