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The Croods is an animated DreamWorks movie about the first ever ‘modern family’. This family of cave men consists of the overprotective father, Grug (Nicholas Cage), a surprisingly normal mother, Ugga (Catherine Kenner), the old son-in-law hating grandmother (Cloris Leachman), the extremely thick-headed son, Thunk (Clark Duke), the rebelious teenage girl, Eep (Emma Stone), and the wild child, Sandy (Randy Thom) who the Croods use like a dog.

The movie takes place in prehistoric times where it is literally eat or be eaten. The Croods are the only family left because all the other families were either crushed, eaten, or killed off by some other means. Grug makes the family live by the rule, ‘Never not be afraid.’ Most of the time Grug has the family hide away in their cave because something like the bear-owl is trying to eat them. So one night, Eep sees a light coming from outside the cave. Grug’s big rule is to never leave the cave at night. When Eep reaches the light source, a torch, she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a more intelligent cave man. Guy and his pet sloth, Belt (Chris Sanders) tell Eep of the “End”. After Guy leaves and Eep goes home, there is a catastrophe and the Croods’s cave is destroyed. This starts them on the long journey with Guy to get to this big mountain that will apparently save them all from the “End”.

One thing that was good about the movie was the animation and the graphics. This is to be expected from DreamWorks since all they do is animated movies. Another good thing was that DreamWorks took the idea of the cave man and made it funny and actually put some modern parts in it. They also put a ton of color into prehistoric times, which is not something you normally see in movies about cave men. The best thing about the movie was the comedy. DreamWorks has always had comedy in their movies and The Croods is no different.

Some of the not-so-good things was the story. It was extremely predictable (with the exception of one or two parts) at the end of the movie. Another thing that wasn’t very good was the more than occasional stupidity of the Croods. It made the movie really funny but even then there was a few “face-palm” moments.

Overall, The Croods is a great movie. Even with its flaws, it did very well as DreamWorks always makes a movie worth seeing. I give The Croods three out of five stars.

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