STAAR Filled Week

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Freshmen and sophomores have just wrapped up a STAAR-filled week of English and reading testing. Getting the tests  out of the way left them feeling relieved that it was over, but nervous for the results.

The students have mixed feelings about what went down during the four chaotic days.

“Once the test was over I felt so relieved,” Ashley Duke (10) said. “But then again we still have more STAAR tests to come.”

All of the students have been reviewing since they returned from Spring break to ensure good results.

“I felt like my English teacher did a great job preparing me these past two weeks,” Sara Powell (10) said. “It made me a whole lot more relaxed and confident once the test was actually in front of me.”

The night before the test did not intimidate some students at all.

“I wasn’t really too nervous,” Duke said. “I was confident about what to expect and I knew what I needed to do in order to make sure I was prepared.”

Even though the English and reading tests have passed, the results are still to come.

“I’m a little bit nervous to get the results back,” Powell said. “I’m petty confident that I did a good job, but the nerves are still there.”

STAAR testing will resume in May when the freshmen and sophomores test in their social studies, science and math subjects.



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