Plan B-Birth Prevention or Baby Killer?

Plan B Pill
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Judge Demands Sale of Plan B Pill

   The “morning after” pill, Plan B, could appear on store shelves as soon as May after the call of Judge Edward Korman to allow its over-the-counter sale of the drug on Fri. April 5. Currently, the pill is sold to women 17 and older, but if passed, then Plan B would become available for all.

   Providing an alternative to abortion should not be available for sale.

   Selling Plan B to all ages enables women to use this as a reason to have unprotected sex. Teens will then believe that they can have sex, take the pill, and then everything will be okay. First off, this pill needs to be taken within 72 hours of intercourse, so if a female does not take the within the time slot then Plan B is ineffective. Also, Plan B can result in health problems such as nausea, headaches, and abnormal bleeding. Teens will believe this pill will give them a reason for unprotected sex and will use it without knowledge of its proper use and effects.

   After taking Plan B, the pill prevents a woman’s egg from reaching attaching to the uterine wall killing the egg. Essentially, this pill is the same as abortion and is killing innocent lives. Plan B and abortion both murder children before they are even born. Society may not think much of how wrong abortion is and the terror of killing an innocent child, but think of it as if you are killing the next Bill Gates or Albert Einstein.

   Also, if one is “mature” enough to have underage sex, then they are mature enough to take care of a child. Before acting, people must think of the consequences and what will happen after unprotected, underage sex. Too often teenagers have sex and think nothing of it, but sex is for adults and people who have the ability of taking care of a child. This pill will just provide teens with another way out of trouble and teach them that when they have a problem that it is as easy as taking a pill to make your problems go away.

   On the other hand, selling the contraceptive pill over-the-counter will result in a decrease of teen pregnancies. But, this pill is not 100 percent effective. According to, Plan B is 95 percent effective, showing that the pill may not always work and will still result in teen pregnancies. Also, the pill must be taken within the 72 hour period so if one misses this time slot then, ultimately, they become pregnant. This drug is not the solution to teen pregnancies, the solution is abstinence.

   This judge’s call for the over-the-counter sale of Plan B is outrageous and should not be passed by the FDA. Those who are “Pro-Life” or agree with my stance should support the “Pro-Life” movement and call for the FDA to turn down the judge. People need to speak their voice to keep Plan B “behind-the-counter.”

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