TED Is The Future

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With topics like Facebook, Instagram, and shopping overshadowing the utility of the internet, it can be harder to discover places focused on learning good, general knowledge. But not just plain text and graphics being read off a computer screen, or some cheesy interactive gizmo. I mean something casual, yet so engaging. Something, like a TedTalk.

TedTalks are basically brain food. Each talk is full of innovation, inspiration, and purpose, whether it be an engineered invention, or a psychological breakthrough. T.E.D. may stand for technology, entertainment, and design, but the array of topics is much broader than the acronym suggests.

The conferences can be watched from anywhere with a TV or computer, but the actual live meetings occur three times a year from Long Beach, Vancouver, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

It’s safe to say just about each and every TedTalk is useful information, or at the very least interesting. Simply, as once mentioned, brain food. The information is timeless. The speaker may be presenting a future idea or invention, but they simultaneously mention the reasoning or background information to support their point. Hence, the audience learns extensive information about the entire topic. TedTalks will make your brain feel like a sponge as you soak up all the info the speakers have to offer.

Some may view it as your average news information, but those who crave this type of learning will feel engaged, almost sucked in, by the technical, yet widespread information that can be accessed from the simplicity of a TV or computer and the comfort of your home. Some topics may seem silly or farfetched (like can art change the world?) but the speaker often possess new, valid ideas that would make sense to many people, regardless of there moral outlook. Even a Christian pastor would enjoy, or learn from, a discussion about atheism.

All the factors within TedTalks may seem complex, but can be summed up into the simple spread of entrepreneurial ideas, on a deep intellectual level that many can relate to.

It’s expensive to attend, even more to speak. You have to be rich. TedTalks have become so popular that you have to have a pretty high standard of living to be able to afford this luxury. The standard membership, which is $7,500, will guarantee you a spot at one of the three conferences, rights to an exclusive social network, the TED Book Club, a conference video archive, and a tax deduction. The most expensive membership priced at $125,000 will earn you the previously mentioned, plus many more perks like special dinners, and reserved hotels and conference seating. But of course, plenty of TedTalks can be found on their website.

If you want to know who or what is shaping our future, watch a TedTalk.

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