With prom a little more than a month away, it seems that prom ‘proposals’ are everywhere . Not only are they everywhere but they are bigger and grander, no longer is a simple ‘ will you go to prom with me?’ ok. ¬†For those who haven’t asked someone to prom yet, the clock is ticking. Here are a few cute ways to ask a girl to prom.

1. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a cute creative way to ask someone to prom. It’s easy as long as you get permission to write on the band field on some other open and then just have her look out the window of one of her classes after you have written prom? or another cute message. This is a cute idea and doesn’t require a lot of materials or too much planning.

Using sidewalk chalk to write prom on the street

2. Video/ Video Announcements

Most schools have video announcements that are shown pretty regularly. A cute way to ask her would include a video asking ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ and show up to her class when they are playing.

3. Sweets

Sweets is one of the best ways to a girl’s heart. You could bake her cupcakes, cake, cookies, and write prom in icing. She will appreciate that you took the time to make her something, and all you have to do is hand them to her and wait for her reply.

4.Scavenger Hunt

Although scavenger hunts may seem a little childish they are a fun creative way to ask someone to prom. You could include a scavenger hunt that would give her clues to who is asking her as well as clues to the next location in the school. This way may take the permission of a few of the faculty members but if you get the permission then it is definitely a way that will stand out.

5.Slide Show

Many classes include Power Points for notes or other things. Another way to ask her would be to include a slide in notes for one of her classes.







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