Around The Bullhorn Athlete Of The Week- Ali Diaz

Art by Mari Amos

Ali Diaz (12) is a varsity tennis player and just recently advanced to the regional tournament.

He was chosen as this week’s Around The Bullhorn athlete of the week.

BN: When was the regional tournament and how did you do?

Diaz: The regional tournament was Tuesday and Wednesday of this week [April 16-17]. I was an alternate. I went because I placed third in district.

BN: How long have you been playing tennis?

Diaz: I’ve played since I was little. I took a couple of years off and played soccer but then I went back to tennis.

BN: What interested you in the sport?

Diaz: Well it’s a clean sport and you get to play it as an individual.

BN: Is tennis the only sport you play?

Diaz: Tennis is the only sport I play officially. But I like all sports and play them for fun.

BN: What is your favorite T.V. show?

Diaz: I have a bunch of different shows I enjoy, but The Office is one of my favorites.

BN: Do you have any hobbies aside from playing tennis?

Diaz: I really like  just playing other sports for fun.

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One thought on “Around The Bullhorn Athlete Of The Week- Ali Diaz

  1. Hello,
    My name is Lee Senter and I too am a varsity tennis player at Mac. I am writing to inquire why I was not chosen for athlete of the week. Not only am I more athletic than Ali Diaz and better than him at every aspect of the game, I am extremely humble, a rare quality in superior individuals like myself. I hope that you will read this and immediately write an article about me that showcases my successes on the court, in the classroom, and at just being plain awesome.
    Yours truly,
    Lee Senter
    “The Michael Jordan of Tennis”

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