International Delights

Wed. April 17, International Festival was hosted after school as a fundraiser for language clubs, these are photos from it. All photos by Alexander Sanchez.

“About $1,500 total was raised, which was wonderful for the first time out. We are so grateful to the school and MacArthur community as we did this for the first time. We’ll be back next year,” Spanish teacher Mrs. Saldana said.


Mr.Martinez displaying his tai-chi “moves.”
Grupo Folklorico displaying their unique form of Latin American dance.
Volunteers from the Burmese Project showing their love and affection.
National Spanish Honor Society offering delicious Latin Sopapia Cheese Cake.
American Sign Language using a game to showcase participants sign language skills.
Mac Culinary doing what they do best, offering their very own delicious food: frito pie, nachos, and meatball sub sliders with their own sweet tea.
Grupo Folklorico playing lotería, a Latin American game of chance, similar to bingo, using images instead of letters.
Club de Español offering authentic spanish heritage drinks.
Student, Carlos Ochoa, excited for being at the first annual event.


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