Obama Phones


The Lifeline program was first enacted under the Reagan administration and was later expanded to cell phones in 2005. Often referred to as “Obama Phones,” welfare programs have become out of control in the last few years with the addition of cell phones to low-income families.

America needs to get its head together and realize that cell phones are not a necessity for life. If cell phones have become such a priority, then we all should have the latest iPhone. Cell phones are a luxury and are for people who can afford them. Before cell phones, people had no mobile communication, besides pay phones, and they survived. People do not need to always be texting their girlfriend or calling their husband to make sure that they pick up the kids from school, but Americans need to realize that phones are not necessary for survival.

In addition to being unnecessary, cell phone welfare also does economic harm. Cell phones have raised welfare costs from $143 million to $2.2 billion. “Obama Phones” are using tax-payer money for the wrong reasons. Welfare is meant for poor people who live in harsh conditions, not for people who sell their food stamps for drugs and use their welfare checks to buy the latest technology. Welfare phones are a waste of money and are being distributed to the wrong people.

These phones just allow people to be able to communicate on the go with 250 minutes a month, unlimited texting, as well as a free phone from the government. It is not fair to society that able-working people who do not try to get a job can simply get a free cell phone, unlimited texting, and 250 free minutes whereas hard-working, employed people can not always afford the same amount. The amount of “free” stuff given to society is too much and the “Obama Phones” have crossed the line.

These phones are another way to waste tax dollars and provide americans with “free” minutes and cell phones. Welfare phones should be abolished from the welfare plan, this can be done by society  the standing up for the right to have a say in where their tax money goes. America needs to realize the unneeded items given to the poor and unemployed today and call for the government to rework the spending of taxes.

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