Hide Your Cheeks!

Booty shorts have been added to the wardrobe for girls for this warmer weather even though the school dress code addresses the above the fingertip test.

Unfortunately, some of the booty short invaders are very ignorant and do not abide by the NEISD dress code. Students, mostly girls, decide to wake up and put on the shortest ¬†“short shorts” they own and walk out of the house.

The offenders of this fashion crime can not be all to blame because stores these days attract teens into buying scandalous clothing that barely covers up their back-end. Stores like Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and even Kohl’s promote this kind of attire to young girls.

If the principals of the school think that this type of clothing is distracting and inappropriate, maybe it is time for them to crack down. They need to abide by the dress code they set themselves and make punishments stronger than just sending offenders to change or sitting in ISS for the day.

Clothing should be worn appropriately during the school day. Students can wear their booty shorts on the weekends, away from an academic environment.




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