PFC Pop Show

Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Griffith

Harmony filled the auditorium on Monday, April 29 as the PFC members held their first annual pop show. The members of the group were excited to start a new tradition.

“It had been an idea floating around for a while,” senior Kole Pantuso said. “We started it to raise money and now it’s going to be a regular thing.”

First year PFC member Ana Leal (10) thought the first show went great.

“I think that it was the best performances of those songs that we’ve ever done,” Leal said. “We knew that it was the last time we’ll ever sing those songs with those people because 11 of our 18 members are graduating.”

Since Pantuso will graduate in just a few weeks, it was one of the last times he had the chance to perform with his fellow PFC members.

“We still all have the real pop show with choir too,” Pantuso said. “But it was a good way to end the year.”

Having performed several other times throughout the year helped the group prepare for the spotlight.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Leal said. ” I was more content about the whole thing. I felt like this was our most confident performance.”

Seeing all of the happy faces in the crowd was one of the best aspects of the show for the group.

“My favorite part of show was talking to everyone afterwards,” Pantuso said. “Seeing all of your friends after the last song is always the best part.”

The pop show with choir and PFC perform together May 9-10 in the auditorium.


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