And That Costs How Much? : The Prom Experience

Prom night leaves students with an empty wallet

I got my dress! Now all I need is my shoes, my hair appointment, make up, money for dinner and a limo. Students have begun spending more for the whole prom experience. Students feel the need to spend more and more to keep up with the other members of their school.

“I think it’s very expensive especially for girls,you have to find the dress, you have to get the make up, and the hair, the shoes and then organize everything it’s really expensive,” Kate Bachle (12) said.

As prom comes closer, the frenzy to get the money for everything that prom requires becomes more frantic. According to USA today the average person spends $1,078 dollars on prom. Even though that number seems astronomical after talking to fellow classmates it makes sense. Although the numbers I heard averaged closer to the $300 dollar range, the amount still seems to be extravagant.

“I think with the media now it’s like’ oh we have to get new shoes’, that’s the mindset of our society now so everyone wants new stuff and I think it’s just more realistic to reuse items,” Bachle said.

Also it seems that the financial burden is placed heavier on the girls. Expecially those who aren’t going with a date. Even if girls are saving savvy there is still many times that girls have to pay more than guys.

“I don’t think it’s that much, any formal event is going to cost money, and especially for guys it doesn’t cost a ton cause we just have to rent a tux,” Connor McInnerny (11) said.

For those of us whose mommy and daddy aren’t our personal bank the prom experience becomes a stressful one. It seems that the idea that we should spend a lot on a dress or pay someone to do our hair and make up is a wide spread idea. The general consensus is that prom is worst the money though. Which is why the average cost of prom continues to go up. Until a widespread movement of saving money  goes through our student body people will continue to spend a lot on this one night.

“The cost of prom is worth the experience, prom is such a fun experience with your friends, and you can’t replace the memories of prom,” Bachle said.



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