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Oblivion is a sort of post apocalyptic movie where Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is a drone repair man who stays on the basically destroyed Earth with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), the person who keeps an eye on Jack and the drone. Jack and Victoria have had to go through a mandatory memory wipe so they now remember nothing of Earth before the war with the Scavesthe aliens that destroyed Earth. Jack is haunted by dreams of a woman that he can’t seem to remember, and a ship soon crashes on Earth with the very same woman in Jack’s dreams. This starts a chain of events that turns everything Jack knew on its head.

A few things that were great about Oblivion was the actual story of the movie. There were several points in the movie that were predictable but then they threw audiences a curve ball that was no expected. One other good thing was the CGI; it was visually spectacular with some of the really big things like the canyons or the hydro generators. Another great thing was the acting. All of the actors in the movie did a great job with the story, especially Morgan Freeman, who played Breech.

Some of the not-quite-so good things was how long the movie was. It was two and a half hours, and the audience could occasionally get a little bored before the next exciting scene came in. Another thing that was sort of disappointing were the aliens; they were not who they were expected to be or act.

Overall, Oblivion is a great movie. The story was easy to follow and it was great to watch, but only if you have two and a half hours to sit there. I give Oblivion 3 out of 5 stars.

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