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Students Not Allowed Leave Test Rooms

    Sitting and waiting for that last person to finish during a standardized test seems to be the longest time of a student’s life. Wasting away the day, rotting in their desks, students become anxious to leave the room when finished with their exam.

   After one is done with their test, test officials should permit students to leave because it allows them to continue their day instead of wasting their time doing nothing.

   Students should not have to sit there and waste valuable time waiting for one person to finish their test. Instead, finished students could go back to class and continue learning or studying for their next tests. The time wasted sitting there could be utilized to advance a students education, rather than rotting their brains as they die of boredom. It does not make sense for a student to be wasting their time for a student to wait for someone to finish their test when they are already finished themselves.

   According to the STAAR Time Limit Policies and Procedures, test administrators may stop a students time to test to move them to a different testing room. Often thought to be against the rules, students believed that they were not allowed to leave the testing room. Therefore, it would make sense for other students to be released while students still taking their test could be moved to another location. In doing this, students can continue their day as normal and do not have to waste their time in the testing room. The testing rules allow for students to leave the testing room, so when a student is finished with their test they should be allowed to leave while the others are moved.

   Some student may also play a joke on the room by holding onto their test and messing with others to prevent them from being able to relax and talk when done. Although this is allowed, it irritates students and makes them anxious for that one person to finish. This results in soft whispers of “Hurry up” or angry looks to long test-takers. When doing this, they distract the testers from focusing on the test and make them feel rushed by others. When most of a test room is finished with their test, the remaining students should be moved to a separate room so that they can focus on their test and avoid scrutiny from finished testers.

   On the opposing side, cheating may be resulted from letting students leave the testing room by texting answers to current testers, but that should not be a problem. If students in the test rooms are not allowed to have possession of electronics, then when a student leaves they are not able to text someone still taking their test. All phones are either placed in backpacks and turned off or given to the administrator until the room is done testing. Since no one is allowed to use their phone, it is impossible for students to text answers to one another.

   The longest, most boring, and most awkward moment of a student’s life is waiting for someone to finish their test after they have been done for over an hour. When finished with testing, students should be allowed to leave the room because sitting there is just a waste of time.

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