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photo by Andrina Alvarez

Track Student Goes To State Competition

Unexpected changes call for the necessity of determination . Sarea Alexander, a first year track star, made her way to the state track meet, in Austin, TX, ending up placing ninth in the long jump event. After pulling a hamstring at the beginning of the track season, Alexander was unable to commit her passion of running in this years track season.

“My focus was on running , but when I pulled my hamstring I thought I wasn’t going to be able to participate in the season, “Alexander(11) said .”Coach Spears approached me and asked if I would give long jumping a try to see if I liked it . I didn’t want to leave the track team so I gave it a try.”

Being natural athlete, Alexander picked up the new event quickly, broke the district record for long jump and then proceeded  to break her own record at the regional meet two weeks later.

” Coach spears totally helped me with the technique of the jump and she herself had broken a long jump record, so I guess I had a pretty good coach,” Alexander said.

The track team were very impressed with Alexander’s progress but she herself felt as if she didn’t achieve her full potential.

” I was not happy with 9th place,” Alexander said.” I know that I should be happy that I went to state but I know I could have pushed harder and received 4th or higher.”

Even though this was her first year performing the long jump, her dedication to the sport in general is what gave her the extra edge that put her in front of experienced jumpers.

” Everyone at state was jumping extreme lengths that I could not reach as a beginner , but I do have to be thankful that I went all the way to State with my lacking skill set,” Alexander said. “I still am slightly disappointed that people were better than me because of my competitive drive, but it gives me all the reason to look forward to next year.”

Having a passion and talent for running has led Alexander to numerous options in her track future.

” Next year will be great, I will run, participate in the long jump and also see if I can try other events as well.”


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