Senior Farewell

Is it okay to say “good riddance”?

I guess it is, so here it goes.

Good riddance Mac, we’ve been through two principals, we’ve ¬†known six different AP’s, we’ve felt the depression from STAAR together, and gained a few extra pounds from all the stress eating before AP exams, together. But, in the end, I’m glad four years of life have been spent here:

The only place where I could find a Blue Crew who wanted to cheer even the UIL nerds on;

The only place where APs rode a golf cart around for what seemed like 6 hours each day;

The only place where I could find my way in the world because of what newspaper and debate have granted me;

The only place where an entire graduating class agreed that “Shut Up Ruston” should be the class motto (but that was unfortunately denied).


Altogether, this has been my short story here. I’ve never been to a football game, but I’ve been to every debate tournament that my coach has allowed me to. I’ve never joined PALs, StuCo, or NHS (but really an 89.9 GPA should not have stopped me from being inducted, I will hold that against this school forever..nbd) but I’ve volunteered around town more times than I can count. I was that one girl who sat in the publications room all day, was somehow fantastic at art when I had to take it to graduate my senior year, and that only person people would fight over for an opinion on politics. Maybe this isn’t the legacy that I wanted to leave behind, but my only other option was either becoming the team quarterback or being a burnout, and I clearly am not cut out for that. At least I had a great time here, because I’m ready to go to college and get on with my life.

This all may sound bittersweet, or maybe even heartless, but I’m glad that I had the high school experience with the friends that I made and the teachers I know I will actually come back to visit.




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