A Pep Rally Worth Rooting For: Sept 20

Panoramic of the gym
Photo by Sarah Morales

The pep rally Friday morning for Varsity Volleyball against Roosevelt 7pm and Varsity Football at BAC against Cedar Ridge  at 7:30pm was filled with limbo, birthday wishes, and cliche homecoming proposals.

The entire gym, students players and teachers alike wished senior football player #6 Demetrius Brock a happy birthday by serenading and clapping for him. He stood up, bowed and grinned to the whole school in thanks.

Jamee Mascorro gets low
Photo by Sarah Morales

The cheerleaders hosted a limbo contest between the Brahmadoras, girls basketball and football players and even though everyone fell on their behinds, the football boys won and high fived eachother after the varsity cheerleaders gave them a goodie bag prize.

To wrap up the rally, the football boys huddled together and were about to chant when Leo Navarro emerged from the center of the huddle and grabbed the microphone. He walked over to senior Brahmadora Megan Alvarado, got down on one knee, and like so many teen boys before him, asked her to homecoming in front of a gymnasium full of people. She blushed and accepted, and everyone cheered.

Leo Navarro’s proposal
Photo by Sarah Morales

All of the students then filed out of the gym into the pouring rain and on to first period.


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