Elexus De La Cruz: Cross Country Athlete

Photo by Ashley Duke

Two year veteran of the cross country team, Elexus De La Cruz, 11, has put most of her time and effort into her sport. Starting off the new year, she has a lot of goals set in sight and is doing everything she can to reach them.

“I recently just broke my personal record of 22 minutes and 45 seconds [on the three mile],” De La Cruz said. “I am trying to place in the top 25 [in the district] by the end of the year.”

With such high expectations and the means to achieve them, it takes a lot of inspiration to have such dedication to a sport like cross country.

“My dad was a runner, so I wanted to try it,” De La Cruz said. “I showed up the first day and they already had me start on the 4 mile and I was like [wow], but I [really] love it.”

The sport itself is unique. Not many people can give what it takes to run cross country.

“It’s hard and it’s tiring,” De La Cruz said. “But we always make the best of it. “

The practice and time these athletes put in both at school and home is admirable.

“We have our speed days, and our mileage days,” De La Cruz said. “Then we have our down days.”

When she is at her wits end, there is one thing in general that always motivates her.

“Water,” De La Cruz said. “It’s always water.”

This isn’t just a sport ┬áto occupy her time in high school. However, this is something she plans on doing even after she leaves MacArthur.

“I would love to go anywhere on a cross country scholarship,” De La Cruz said.

De La Cruz shows her dedication and commitment to her team at every practice and meet. She is looking forward to proving herself once again and exceeding her limits.

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