Tennis Prepared For Upcoming Season

Photo by Sierra Scafido.

India Nikotich, 11,  has been an active member of the tennis team for the past three years. Coming into this season she has not only set goals with the rest of her team, but also as an individual.

“Our coach has really ambitious dreams for us such as trying to make it to state,” Nikotich said. “As far as myself, I want to work on my skills and build relationships with my teammates.”

Although, tennis seems to be more of an individual sport, growing as a team is an important aspect.

“Because tennis is an individual sport, we need to be together and cohesive and closer than most teams are,” Nikotich said.

Playing tennis takes a dedicated person because of how long the seasons are, and because of all of the practice that goes into it.

“We have two seasons,” Nikotich said. “One is in the fall around the same time as football and we have another season in the spring. That doesn’t leave us much down time during the year.”

Tennis is played by many people because it is a sport that is not just dominated by one gender.

“The thing I’m looking forward to most is playing mixed with a lot of the guys,” Nikotich said. “The cool thing about tennis is that it’s for girls and guys.”

With all of their dedication on the court and all of the practice they put into it, hopefully all of the athletes will remain prepared for the rest of their fall season and can be ready for the spring one to come, as well.

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