PSAT Blitz

Photo by Ashley Duke

Tuesday, September 24, Mac held its first ever PSAT Blitz. The blitz was held in the library and was an all day event that was designed to help students with the potential to receive a National Merit standing improve on their previous PSAT scores.

Ms. Amy Sirizzotti was one of the key people in setting up the whole event and had many goals set.

“[One of our goals was] helping our students achieve a better score on their PSAT exam,” Sirizzotti said. “Particularly 11th [graders].”

The instruction and help that came from the blitz was appreciated by many students. Ashlee Barron,11, was one of these appreciative students.

” It gave me more ways to prepare for the test,” Barron said. “[It] made me feel more prepared.”

Maddie Esqueel,11, felt the blitz did much more than just prepare students for tests.

“I felt that it really did help us put in perspective where we were compared to other students around us,” Esqueel said. ” [I also] really liked that they let us view our scores and how far we had to go to get better.”

Being that this was the first year for the blitz, there were improvements that could be made, but administration is taking that into consideration.

“Every year there are adjustments to make it more valuable for all students,” Sirizzotti said. “Timing, snacks, teacher instructors are all considered.”

In the years to come the PSAT Blitz here at Mac will continue to grow and change to best fit the needs of the students. For the first year, it seems to have been well received by the majority of the attendees.


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