Skate Club’s Ramp It Up

Dylan Vergara’s shoes.
Photo by Garrett Flick

   “Ramp It Up,” hosted by the Skate Club, will take place at the Institution of Texan Cultures downtown San Antonio Sat. Nov. 16 from 10am to 2pm. Rather than finally getting down a “gnar” trick, the club will get to reach out and support the community of skaters.

   The skaters will set up different stations for visitors to rotate around and participate in activities like “design a vans shoe and create a tech deck skatepark”, Dylan Vergara, 10, said.

   Previously on Fri. Sept. 6, the skate club went downtown to the Institute of Texan Cultures to get an idea of the area they were going to set up their stations. But, while there they instead learned a little bit about skating history.

   “I never knew that skating originated in Hawaii”, Charley Richey, 10, said.

   The skate club’s goal in “Ramp It Up” is to spread the enjoyment the club has with skating to kids and hope they can enjoy it as much as they do.

   “We all had to contribute something, like a board, and explain how it represents what skating means to us”, Richey said..

Dylan Vergara’s skateboard.
Photo by Garrett Flick

   The Skate Club would like to invite everyone out to the Institute of Texan Cultures to support the club and the whole community of skaters.

Edited by Jacob Dukes

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