Swanson SKateboard Gallery

Photo by Kayanna Reid

A skeleton lurked in the corner of the cold, drafty room. Snakes, still and lifeless, hung from the florescent lights above, and a goblin stood perched atop a tall wooden cabinet. Skateboards were scattered across the room, upended and without wheels. Students hovered over them, debating the difficulties of mixing paint colors.

Senior Joshua Dukes is one of the students invited by the Skate Club to create boards for an upcoming event, the Swanson Skateboard Gallery on November 1.

“They won’t work when we’re done. It’s just for the gallery,” said senior Joshua Dukes as he painted his skateboard with slow, methodical strokes, “But, yeah, I’m considering putting it in my portfolio, so they’re not useless.”

Most students worked in partners on the project, combining their time, skills, and styles to create a single board.

“It’s taking me a little longer because my partner is a senior who graduated,” Dukes said. “He can’t come in as often but he still helps.”

The students have been working diligently on their artwork for several weeks, and will turn in their completed boards the Tuesday before the gallery.

“The kids have been working hard on these,” said Mrs Barajas, their instructor. “I’m not going to lie to you, this will look really good on a college application.”

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