What Drives You To Donate Blood

Erin Alva excited to donate blood. Photo by Stephanie Smith

The ROTC program held a blood drive this week, allowing generous students to look into their hearts and give blood to help those who need it for surgery.

“I’ve always wanted to give blood and I thought it’s cool to help people out,” Erin Alva, 12, said,  “I mean you don’t really know them but still do it.”

Students don’t realize how much they can help a random stranger out by just donating a small amount of blood.

“You’re helping people,” Alva said.

Even if it is a student’s first time giving blood, once they have finished donating they gain a sense of self pride in themselves since they are possibly saving another person’s life.

“Yes (this is my first time giving blood, it was kind of scary at first) but once (they started

Looking nervous once the needle is in. Photo by Stephanie Smith.

taking blood) it wasn’t scary,” Alva said.

Although there are benefits that come out of donating blood there can be some disadvantages.

“Benefits (would) be helping people, disadvantages would be like running out of blood (since you’ve) donated too much, you passing out (and it being) physical harmful to you,” Alva said.

It may seem like just anyone can give blood, but there are certain requirements that people need to meet in order to donate.

“As long as you’re healthy,” Alva said, “as long as you (haven’t) pierced your ears (or get a) tattoo in the last 12 months, (and don’t have) HIV you’re good (to donate).”



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