Preparing for Homecoming

As students walk the halls dressed to show school spirit during Homecoming Week, Student Council starts to see all the fruits of their labor.

On the evening of Oct. 5, students entered a transformed Littleton Gym for their Homecoming Dance. However, few will recognize all the planning that went into providing such an event.

Photo by Gabby Alls

“We’ve been planning since May,” student council Vice President, Marissa Gonzales,12, said, “After we elected officers, we voted and decided on the name and theme of the dance.”

This year’s theme was ‘Around the World’ and the dance was called  ‘Sights to See, Memories to Be’. Sections of the gym looked like Italy, France, Egypt, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil and the United States.

“Different committees are responsible for specific decorations,” Sarah Willlingham, 12, said. “My committee is in charge of table decorations but all the committees help each other, especially as we got closer to Saturday.”

Student council is responsible for making most, if not all, of the decorations for the gym. Their other responsibilities include publicizing Homecoming, selling tickets, designing shirts and setting up the Gym.

“On Saturday morning NHS and PALs helped us decorate the gym,” Marissa Gonzales said. “We had about four hours to get everything decorated.”

On top of all that, student council makes over fifty mums for ALE students, administrators and the homecoming court.

“We help the PALs throw a homecoming party for the ALE students, we really enjoy it,” student council President, Erica Foran,12, said.

After months of planning and anticipating, the members of student council are most excited to see how everything turns out.

“This is our biggest task of the year and we have worked really hard preparing for this event,” Erica Foran said, “But most importantly, I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.”


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