This Not-so Fall Weather

There are a variety of brands to choose from. Photo by Megan Avery

The trees are changing to the most dazzling tones of orange, yellow, and reds, falling with such simplicity it is a miraculous mystery. At least they should be, but in San Antonio, they are undergoing a not-so fall.

 In the North, the weather is cooler, the coffee is warmer, and the leaves are falling. In the South, everything is the same as it was in the summer. So when can Southerners expect fall? According to many news broadcasts, not any time soon. So what are those sweater lovers and makeup applying people supposed to do? Wait until November or suffer in the heat?

Instead of waiting on the never ending summer to end, here’s some advice: layering is a must. The mornings are cool, but the afternoons are scorching. So in the morning, wear a short sleeve shirt, but then add a cute and comfortable sweater on top. Thus in the afternoon, the weather is warm, so simply remove the sweater and tie it around your waist for a cute and comfortable fall look.

Also makeup is deeply affected by the weather. Whether it be humidity, or just plain heat, makeup is bound to mess up. In order to avoid the the stickiness, invest in a primer. No matter what brand, it will help keep it on in heat and cold, and it is

Add a light sweater to your outfit for a layered look. Photo by Megan Avery.

very inexpensive. Also use a makeup fix spray that holds in the makeup without smearing. It is affordable, helps keep your makeup on without clogging your skin, and is a must for humid weather.

No matter the lack of fall, or overabundance of summer, these tips with help all year, even with this unpredictable Texas weather. And to all those awaiting fall, it is just around the corner.

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