Morgan’s Wonderland Fundraiser

 News by Calli M. Fors

For the first time, MacArthur and Madison high schools hosted a charity for Morgan’s Wonderland. In order to raise money for this amusement park especially made for children and adults with special cognitive and physical needs, Macarthur and Madison have decided to raise money this year for the foundation.

 “Every year M&M Bowl (MacArthur VS. Madison football game) hosts donations for a charity,” Julia Rash, Student Council member, said.

This year, sponsors were involved in choosing what charity the student council of both schools will work for. The idea for the Morgan Wonderland charity originally came from Mac Student Council’s sponsors Mrs. Karger and Ms. Moyer, and was approved by said sponsors.

For this charity, student council members gave out butterfly-shaped papers for 1$ each. Students who bought the papers signed their name on it and gave it back to the student council member.


“The reason for butterfly themed papers is because butterflies are part of  the logo for Morgan’s Wonderland,” Maddy Tompkins, student council officer,said.


Though no specific goal was set, MacArthur and Madison student councils secretly competed against each other to add more fun in raising money and awareness for Morgan Wonderland.


“Our (real) goal is try to raise as much as possible for the foundation. We won’t even know how much Madison did until after Thursday (the deadline),” Tompkins said.


Tompkins claims that of all three years that she has been in Student Council, this year in particular has been successful for the M&M Bowl Charity.


“This year has been the most successful because we have more student council members and the way that we get donations has improved,” Tompkins, 12, said.


The donations were not only taken up during school, but student council members were allowed to ask for donations outside of school as well. While others in Student Council believe the school could have greatly improved the awareness for the cause, Tompkins said that the school was “very well aware”. As for the charity’s success, each student council member sold almost every butterfly if not all that they were assigned with. The two student councils raised a combined total of almost 2,000 dollars.

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