JFK Assassination Assembly

Gary DeLaune and newspaper clipping of Kennedy assassin. Photo by Stephanie Smith

 To inform the juniors who are in US history the school had a radio newscaster in 1963, Gary DeLaune came on Nov 6, talked to the junior class informing them on what it was like to be the newscaster during the JFK assassination.

The junior class took a liking to Mr. DeLaune as he started telling them about how he felt when he got a phone call asking about John F. Kennedy getting shot and how he regrets not asking for that caller’s name.

Not only was Mr. DeLaune the newscaster for the assassination of JFK but he was also there when the accused assassin was arrested and murdered, getting to record the whole scene.

So even though this assembly was supposed to be educational about the John F. Kennedy assassination Mr.DeLaune made it entertaining as well.

Maddy Tompkins
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