Dexter Complete Series

Dexter was one of the big hits from cable network Showtime, and is arguably one of the best shows on TV. While the ending may not of been what fans expected, at least they can watch the great moments all over again. 

Dexter: The Complete Series will be released today, and will have a ton of extra memorabilia, including:

  • The box itself will come in a blood slide container based on the one in the show.

  • All 8 seasons of the show on blu-ray, for all you PS3 owners out there.

  • An extra disk of special features.

  • An art book for all 8 seasons.
“Dexter”, the hit show of Showtime, ended this past September. Picture from Google Images

With a common price being around $200 be sure to check it out.  There will be a Breaking Bad Complete Series preview coming soon as well.


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