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A Recognition of The Unsung Tradition

Perhaps the most unrecognized club at school, the Bullseye Literary and Art Magazine provides students and faculty with an outlet to express themselves artistically.

Bullseye Literary and Art Magazine has existed continuously for the last thirty years. It is an annual publication that’s displays the poetry, art, photography and short stories of students and faculty.

“Over 150 poetry pieces were submitted in the [September] poetry contest,” Dana Moore, 12, said. “That’s three times the amount we usually [receive]!”

Throughout the year, Bullseye hosts poetry and photography contests. Many students are passionate writers, they don’t participate just to receive extra credit promised by their by English teacher. Contest winners are published and gain other recognition. The upcoming photography contest will conclude before the end of the semester.

“Entries are judged and contest winners are selected for publication during our afterschool meetings,” Co-Head Editor, Dominic Dorsa, 12, said. “We also decide on everything that will be published. My favorite part is matching art with the written pieces; the art [is like] the unsung accompaniment.”

Along with the blind judging, at their Monday and Thursday meetings, Bullseye contributors and club sponsor, Mr. Arnatt, determine the theme and design layouts for the magazine. This small group of dedicated students also plans events such as Open-Mic Night.

“We hope to provide multiple opportunities for students to perform in front of their friends,” Mr. Arnatt said. “I want students to realize how talented [some of their peers] are here and have a fun time with their friends.”

Drew Bauml was one of the performers at the last open-Mic Night.
Photo by Garret Flick

Bullseye hosts Open-Mic Night as a primary way to raise funds to publish the magazine. The third Open-Mic Night of the semester will be held on Dec. 11, in the Black Box Theatre. Bullseye also hopes hosts Battle of the Bands in April.

“January is open submission, available for anyone to submit their work to be considered in the [May publication of Bullseye],” Mr Arnatt said.

Anyone interested in contributing to Bullseye whether it’s poetry, art, battle of the bands or wondering exactly what the club does should see Mr. Arnatt in C251. All students are welcomed into the Bullseye family.


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