Raising Canes: Chicken Finger Overload


Cane’s supports Mac Brahmas, Photo by Megan Avery.

Chicken fingers have always been students’ favorite food to eat, and located down a couple restaurants from Whataburger, Raising Canes is just the place they can get it.

Whataburger is currently  number one choice due to the price and location, but the rumor is that the new up and coming chicken cafe is about to strip the Texan favorite of its title.

The rumor is wrong.

The main dish of the whole restaurant is chicken fingers, of course. The only other option is a chicken sandwich. The only sauces they have are ketchup and their special sauce, to much surprise. If you like sweet, you will love their sauce but those, like me, who prefer sour will be highly disappointed. The menu is very limited, but the environment makes up for it.

The employees greet you as you walk in, it’s almost overwhelming. Your food is out as fast you as you can sit down. The price is equivalent to Whataburger, but with not as much variety. The chicken is good, but not mind blowing, along with their zig zag fries.

In my opinion, Raising Cane’s is a good family place for chicken fingers, but not for those seeking a more optional menu.

3/5 stars.

Raising Cane’s, Photo by Megan Avery.
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