The Truth About Senior Year

Being a senior is awful, and anyone who tells you it isn’t, is lying. Whoever started that ‘Junior year is the hardest’ has never experienced a first semester as a high school senior. First you are expected to figure out what you are doing with your entire life; where you will go to college, if at all, and what you will study at that college. Not to mention that ¬†you have to compile all your hard work, dedication, and time that you’ve put into school and extra curricular onto an online resume that make you question everything that you have done with your high school career. Plus, every teacher knows that senioritis hits you hard second semester, so teachers cram an inhumane amount of work. Yet we still have extra curricular activities, and a social life. Ok, maybe not so much because how do you read Crime and Punishment in two weeks and still go hang with your friends?

People may think that seniors have it easy because we will be out soon, but that also means that everything you do is the last. Your last football game, your last homecoming, your last first day of public school. Although some of these events cause relief, others are upsetting because no one wants to think that this will be the last time you are hanging out with your favorite people cheering on a team you’ve supported for four years.

Also you are expected to be incredibly productive while constantly living under the pressure of if you will receive that golden ticket (aka college acceptance letter) to your future. Living in uncertainty of your future is very distracting. Always worrying about where you will get accepted, then how you will pay for it, plus where you will live and how you will pay for that tends to take my mind away from my education.

Homework, tests, and studying pile up during senior year
Photo by Maddy Tompkins

Basically senior year stinks.

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