“Eurydice” Review

Photo Credit: Mr. O’ Bryant

Wow! I thought the Drama department’s As You Like It was good , but Eurydice just blew me away. Who knew you could do so much with so little assistance from visuals! The plot was much easier to understand than As You Like It,  which may be my faullt but still . The actors didn’t need any props to express their deep emotions or feelings their feelings came from the heart, and boy did it show. However, the lighting was amazing the tech crew did a great job.I am not a person who easily cries, but I’ll admit that I got a bit choked up a few times in the play.

Just the way the actors flung themselves with such gusto and confidence made me gasp and mentally applaud. The grace and flow was terrific, as was their balance. The Stones, I have to give special praise, those three seemed to act as one, and gave themselves that creepy child-like aura that the God of the Underworld’s kids would have. They spoke fluid sentences off each other, and clung to each other like they were one person. They were organized, and every move seemed to be very well thought out. As was the ‘God of the Underworld’s character, Corbin did a great job on the stilts, and on the tricycle ,at least I think that was that was, never tripping up or falling over, except when necessary.

Photo Credit: Mr. O’ Bryant

The play was very emotional, which I wasn’t expecting honestly,  I heard a small synopsis from the original mythos, and frankly, it sounded a bit cheesy to me. The way the actors presented it, the play was anything but cheesy. The passion put into the characters voices added to the emotions they were playing out. The pain and laughter in the actor’s voices felt so authentic, it sent shivers down my spine ,Orpheus’ cry for Eurydice was chilling. The modern twist was seamless, without anything having to be awkwardly shoved into the play to try and make it fit modern times.

The characters were given endearing traits as well as traits that could be played for laughs, they all had well fleshed out characters that let you decide whether you liked them or not for yourself, rather than having the play decide it for you through exposition. Although there was a defined line between good and evil I mean, one of the characters is essentially Satan, there wasn’t a defined line for whether you were supposed to dislike them or not.

Like I had said before, there wasn’t anything spectacular about the visuals and the Dad putting up the room was a bit awkward but there didn’t really need to be. There were special effects when needed, but they weren’t excessive or unnecessary to the point that they were an annoyance. Everything was very bare bones, but it didn’t make the play bad, in fact, I think it added to the play since you knew that the play was relying almost purely on the actor’s skill rather than any sort of flashy gimmicks.

Unfortunately,I write to you after the play has run it’s course.Again I really should start going to the first showings and the play can no longer be seen. But it was well worth my time, I’m glad I went. But I have been informed of their next production, which is Bye Bye Birdie! A musical, which is another thing I have yet to see from the Drama Department, so expect another review from me of that!

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